Fairfax Reviews

Michelle Warde

I’m so glad my friend recommended this school for my son. Having a very high energy kid means having a good outlet is essential, and Tae Kwon Do has been perfect for him. Practicing a martial art has helped my son find his center, and he has really begun to grow as a person. He is showing leadership among his peers, better discipline in and out of his classrooms, and better self confidence and self esteem. Master Park and Master John love my son for who he is, and that means so much to all of us. I can’t thank them enough for creating a place where my son can feel challenged, successful..and most of all, appreciated for being him.

Tommy P

Our son has been attending the After School program for about a year now and he really fell in love with Taekwondo after just a few classes. The two masters and their assistants are great with the kids, teaching them not only Taekwondo but also discipline. We are happy to see our son's significant improvements in self-control (he used to be very quick-tempered), organization skills, showing respect to the older and the peer, helping us with household chores, etc. We highly recommend this school.

Kitty Garcia

My daughter has been going to this location for almost 3 years, and we could not be happier. The positive changes we saw in her was remarkable. The part that I like the most is that both Master John and Master Park teach the kids not only the skills and strength, more important self-discipline, respect, be kind to each other and building their self-confidence. This is something that I as a parent appreciate the most. My daughter loves the place, loves her masters, loves her teammates, loves to be a part of this Taekwondo community. We are fortunate to find this school and the masters.

Chris Mun

There are many Tae kwon do studios out there but this is special one. My son has been going here since he was 5 yrs old. We moved to Connecticut for few years and when we returned to Virginia. Our son started Tae kwon do back with Master Park and John at fairfax location and these Masters truely takes care of the kids here and teaches children to be respectful and responsible. For 11yreas old, our son has been very responsible and also been getting good grades at school. He has learned to be competitive and gained more self confidence since he has been practicing Tae kwon do at u.s Tae kwon do college in fairfax. Tae kwon do lessons are one of the best Gift parents can give to their kids.