Seven Corners Reviews


Alane Relk - Seven Corners

“The instructors approach teaching with an excellent mix of patience, discipline, and fun. They also make a point to emphasize the importance of focus, respect, humility, and hard work. Students understand that what they are learning goes far beyond self-defense and exercise. What they learn in TKD can be applied in other facets of their lives: grades, behavior writ large, relationships with peers/siblings, and respect for parents. I especially like that last one! Both my sons love it and have benefited greatly from it. The family classes and after-school program look fantastic, although we have not personally tried them yet. Highly recommend”.

Trang Le

“I can honestly say I enrolled my 2 daughters to US Tae Kwon Do College because of one main reason only: The Instructor Master Jab Amini. Before enrolling them, I have checked out 3 other Martial Arts locations and although they all teach the same values, no one compares to this instructor. Master Jab is tough on the kids when he needs to be, and patient and kind while making learning the techniques really fun. He emphasizes in respect, work ethics and being a great leader in school and the community. Since joining Tae Kwon Do over a year, our daughter’s confidence and self-esteem has gone way up. My coworkers ask me why I would drive over an 1 ½ from DC to take them to class, and I told them I found a great Influential Teacher in my child’s life. The masters & instructors are full of knowledge & take their time to teach you the techniques you need in order to grow into a well-rounded black belt. Thank you US Tae Kwon Do, but especially Master Jab for guiding our daughters to be strong, confident girls for the future”.

Beatriz Chanduvi

“Master Jab and Instructor Freddy make this Tae Kwon Do College a true gem of a school of martial arts instruction. Master Jab is an exceptional martial arts teacher; through his enthusiasm he brings out the best in each of his students; he is patient and diligent in his teachings and dedicated to his each and every one of his students. I enrolled my 14-year-old daughter about a year ago and it has helped her stay fit, become focused and has boosted her self-respect, respect for others and her confidence. My daughter is looking forward to more years of instruction at this great martial arts school”.