Little Kickers

Little Kicker

Little Kickers Tae Kwon Do class is for children from the age of 3 to 5 years. In this program, we look to inspire the principles of Tae Kwon Do that can help your children grow into healthy and balanced individuals.

The period between 4 and 6 years is an important one as far as the development of a child is concerned. It is at this age that a child picks up the habits and principles that make up the foundation for the rest of his or her life. By joining them up at the Tae Kwon Do College, you can give them the opportunity to learn important life values like respecting each other and themselves, focusing their efforts, and maintaining discipline in every aspect of life.

Our Little Kickers course in the Tae Kwon Don College concentrates on teaching students discipline and building their focus. They also learn basic kicks, hand techniques, and blocks over the duration of the course as well as basic Korean language.

The Tae Kwon Do techniques and actions that we teach at this young age are designed more for improving the health of the children and giving them an outlet for their energy. Through our course, the children learn the importance of respecting their instructors, fellow students, and everyone else.

They learn how to express themselves in a controlled and polite manner. Such skills play an important role in shaping them into respectable and useful citizens as they grow.