Family Martial Arts Class


We are Family in Martial Arts

  "A family that kicks together stick together”

Here at U.S. Tae Kwon Do College, we not only cater to individuals who want to learn the Martial Arts but, also to families. We offer great family package rates. Our programs are specially designed to help families learn and work together as one. “A family that kicks together stick together”. Our Tae Kwon Do program helps in developing respect and courtesy towards other members of the family. The techniques and activities that take place in our programs promote cooperation and respect among family members.

The discipline and focus that is taught through our Tae Kwon Do classes will not only help members develop their individual lives but also strengthen their family ties and develop sound health and family lifestyle.

For family members, it is a positive experience to see each other trying hard to learn Martial Arts together. Parents see their children picking themselves up after every attempt and getting better. Children see their parents attempt to learn and encourage practices that can be difficult to perform even for grown-ups. This way, both parents and children develop a high level of respect for one another through cooperation.