Summer Camp

We are offering Early Bird Specials! Please check with the Masters for more information!


Looking for the perfect summer camp for your kids where they can have loads of fun and learn some productive skills as well? Then look no further because we have our own Tae Kwon Do Summer Camp!

We offer all the fun and joy of learning martial arts from experts in a safe environment, with lots of activities every day to keep your kids entertained in our summer camp.

The Summer Camp includes a number of fun-packed activities such as field trips to the museum, park, library, movies, and many more. Our entire program has been developed with a focus on one skill each week. Different themes for each week include confidence, bully busters, focus, study skills, respect, and more.

Early drop off and late pickups are also available for Summer Camp.

Through our martial arts classes and other fun activities in Summer Camp, we help kids develop various positive traits such as discipline, focus, and perseverance while providing them a chance to socialize with peers.

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